The Co-Creators of "My Life Online" & "Smartphone Ready" present...
For Kids While They're Stuck At Home 🏠
It's our personal mission to help your child be safe and responsible in their life online.
Meet Blake & Dave 👇🏻👇🏻
We're the Co-Founders of
"My Life Online: Teaching Kids To Be Safe, Smart, & Kind Online" AND
"Smartphone Ready: It's Like Driver's Ed For Your Child's First Phone"

📅 Here's The Virtual Event Schedule

1. Tuesday, March 17 at 2pm Eastern Time
Fact, Fiction, or Feelings: 3 Helpful Ways To Process All The News Online About COVID-19

2. Wednesday, March 18 at 2pm Eastern Time
Digital Empathy: 2 Unique Ways To Take Care Of Others During COVID-19, Even Though You Are Stuck At Home

3. Thursday, March 19 at 11:15am Eastern Time
The Magical Way To Help Your Parents And The Caring Adults In Your Life Manage Extra Work And Pressure During COVID-19

4. Friday, March 20 at 1pm Eastern Time
Creating Virtual Connection When People Are Physically Apart: 5 Ways To Make This Happen

5. Saturday, March 21 at 7pm Eastern Time
Physical, Mental, and Emotional Hygiene: 7 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself During COVID-19

6. Sunday, March 22 at 2pm Eastern Time
Spreading Gratitude, Joy, and Positivity Online, In A Time That Is Filled With Negativity

7. Monday, March 23 at 2pm Eastern Time
Generational Empathy: Understanding The 3 Different Ways People View The World Right Now

8. Tuesday, March 24 at 2pm Eastern Time
3 Fun Ways To Digitally Detox...Even When You're Stuck At Home In Front Of Screens

9. Wednesday, March 25 at 2pm Eastern Time
Being a Leader In Uncertain Times: 5 Simple Actions and Ideas That Will Have A Positive Impact On Others, In Person and Online

10. Thursday, March 26 at 1pm Eastern Time
Show & Tell: The Foundations of Public Speaking In Person & Online

11. Friday, March 27 at 2pm Eastern Time

12. Saturday, March 28 at 7pm Eastern Time
2020 Leadership Part I: How To Shine In Uncertain Times

13. Sunday, March 29 at 2pm Eastern Time
2020 Leadership Part II: How To Shine In Uncertain Times

14. Monday, March 30 at 2pm Eastern Time
SPECIAL GUEST: Jonah - The **MAGIC** Of Global Connections

15. Tuesday, March 31 at 2pm Eastern Time
SPECIAL GUEST: George - A Song for the Season

16. Wednesday, April 1 at 2pm Eastern Time
Stuck At Home Speaker Series Part I

17. Thursday, April 2 at 1pm Eastern Time

18. Friday, April 3 at 2pm Eastern Time
SPECIAL GUEST: PK - The Virtual Bonfire

19. Saturday, April 4 at 7pm Eastern Time
Meditation, Breath Work, and Stillness (for Kids)

20. Sunday, April 5 at 2pm Eastern Time
Stuck At Home Lessons Learned Part

Here's what other parents have said about the work we do with kids...
"These guys are brilliant, kind and compassionate, and they both have a huge heart for kids. This is VITAL stuff for kids to learn in today's high-tech world, and they deliver it in a completely relatable way."
"It's really helpful to have another trusted source guide my child through a topic like this, versus just trying to cover it myself since kids speak a different language when it comes to this topic."
"As parents, this helps us gauge where our child's understanding stands. It prompted engaging conversations about the program with my son and helped me know more about his real perspective on social media."